03 April, 2009

M1062: University of Santo Tomas Postcard

The postcard shows the monument Arch of the Centuries in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) at Manila. The Arch stands 15 meters away from the University's main entrance along España Boulevard. The side of the arch facing the campus was the main doorway to the university building before it was destroyed by World War II. The stones of that doorway were transferred and reassembled piece by piece in its present site. The side with its Grecian design facing España Street is a reconstruction of the doorway as it originally looked.

M1062: University of Santo Tomas Postcard

The Arch contains Doric columns, but is Baroque in its details. The inscription on the arch says "Gateway to the history of the finest breed of Filipinos." On the left pillar of the facade facing España Boulevard is commemorative plaque honoring national hero José Rizal, and on the right pillar is another plaque honoring President Manuel L. Quezon. Both Rizal and Quezon were UST graduates. On the sides at the top of the Arch are panels depicting the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of the University and of all Catholic schools.

All incoming students (freshmen and transferees), as parts of their initiation rites into the University, are required to pass through under the Arch. This is known as the Thomasian Welcome Walk.

University of Santo Tomas Postcards

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