27 April, 2009

M1166: University of Santo Tomas Postcard

The postcard shows the bronze Miguel de Benavides Monument in front of the University of Santo Tomas Main Building of the Sampaloc campus. The Benavides Monument was made in Paris in 1889 and inaugurated in July 2, 1891 – opening of the school year.

The base of the statue has the name of the sculptor and year of the make: Tony Noel, 1889. The pedestal was decorated with the seals of the Dominican Order and the university, as well as plaques on which were written the history of UST and a brief biography of the archbishop. The statue was blown from its place by an artillery shell during the Battle of Manila in 1945, totally destroying the marble pedestal. The Benavides Monument was erected again in November 13, 1946 inside the UST Campus in Sampaloc, Manila.

M1166: University of Santo Tomas Postcard

The present bronze statue rises on top of a granite pedestal flanked by four lions and four coats-of-arms. He dons the rugged habit of the pioneer Dominican missionaries. His right hand is elevated in the preaching fashion, his index finger pointing to heavens. His left hand rests on his chest holding a book bearing the words Santo Evangelico on its cover. A skull cap covers his head, and a pectoral cross hangs from his neck, the symbols of Episcopal dignity.

M1062: University of Santo Tomas Postcard
University of Santo Tomas Postcards

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