20 July, 2009

History of Philippine Picture Postcards

There is actually no written records on the history of Philippine postcards. If you want to know more about the history of Philippine postcards, you have to know the history of US postcards. The Philippine postcards followed the style format and form of US postcards. The only difference would be, of course, postcards show pictures and views of the Philippines.

There were two events in early May of 1898 that had major impact on the production of picture postcards in the Philippines. The first was the defeat of the Spanish fleet by Admiral Dewey on Manila Bay that resulted in the arrival of American soldiers, teachers and tourists in the country. The second lesser known event was the passing of a bill by the United States Congress lowering the postal rate for picture postcards by fifty percent.

The book
Catalogue of Philippine Picture Postcards: American Period 1898-1941 by Conrado F. Ciriaco outlines the history of Philippine postcards. Using this book and other books and articles, I will try to discuss the rich history of Philippine picture postcard. This way I hope that fellow collectors and blog readers will understand and appreciate Philippine postcards.

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By Jaime C. Laya, editor
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American-Philippine Postcards: The "L.S.Co." Set, the Largest Set
Article by Michael G. Price

I would like to thank Mr. Michael G. Price for sending me a copy of one of his articles and for giving me permission to quote the article.

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