28 July, 2009

Real Photo Postcards

Real Photo Postcards (1900-1920)

Aside from the colored view cards from this period, real photo postcards, black and white photographs that were usually sepia toned, were printed. The surfaces of the cards are glossy like a photograph but with printed postcard backs.

Real Photo Postcard

I have seen several Philippine real photo postcards that show views of streets and buildings around Manila, American military personnel, carnival queens and private individuals. The Americans were curious about the costumes and customs of Philippine tribal groups so there are lots of black-and-white postcards that bear Moros of Mindanao or Aetas of Luzon. Have also seen vintage postcards that show natural disasters like typhoon damages, floods in Manila, fires like the postcards of the burnt Olongapo in 1910, and even the eruption of Taal in 1911.

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