24 July, 2009

Divided Back Era

Divided Back Era (1907-1915)

The greatest number of picture postcards ever printed and shipped to the United States, including the Philippines, was made during this period. During this time, a dividing line was placed at the back of the postcard. The blank space on the left side of the dividing line allowed for messages to be written by the sender, and the name of the addressee and address were written on the right side of the postcard. The picture or face of the postcard covered the entire area and with no border.

Divided Back Era Postcard

Some of the interesting subjects of Philippine postcards during this era are: transportation like the "tranvia" or electric train, early cars, fire engines, railroad trains, carromatas (horse-drawn carts); famous landmarks like the Luneta and Walled City; local and provincial view cards; maritime (commercial, shipping, US ships, river boats); native occupations (vendors, farmers); public and private buildings (churches, schools, hotels); military scenes; bridges; indigenous Filipino community (Igorotes, Moros, Negritos, Aetas); greeting cards, etc.

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