24 July, 2010

M1329: Flaming Sword

Postcard Size: 4"x5.5"
Postcard Type: View card
Printed by:
JMC Press, Inc., Quezon City
Purchased at Goodwill Bookstore

The postcard shows the Flaming Sword Monument, located at Panilao, Pilar, Bataan.Standing at a junction near the municipal hall, the monument is an eye-catching landmark that depicts a hand holding a flaming sword up in the air. This landmark became the symbol of the Filipino patriots' courage and gallantry as they face the adversary and threats to our democracy and freedom.

There are no information found about the monument's history, who designed it or the material used.

The back of the postcard reads:
Flaming sword, a famous memorial for the defenders of Bataan. Found in the town of Pilar, Province of Bataan, Philippines.

M1329: Flaming Sword

Notice that in the picture below, the the hand holding the sword had been repainted.

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