28 July, 2010

M1339: Sabong

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The postcard shows the choreographic interpretation of the sabong or cockfight. This famous Visayan dance (with Alcantara, Romblon as the place of origin) commonly performed as a ballroom dance traces its origin from another dance called Sibay. The male performers in this dance imitate the movement of the fighting roosters.

The back of the postcard reads:
The exciting sabong or cockfight an original choreographic interpretation
by FILIPINESCAS: Philippine Life, Legend and Lore in Dance

M1339: Sabong

Sabong in the Philippines:
Sabong or cockfighting was first mentioned in Pigafetta’s First Voyage Around the World. Dating back to pre-Spanish times, sabong is played out in public squares on Sundays immediately after church. Heavy bets are made and are paid to the owners of the winning birds.

When the public has already placed its bets, the duel is about to begin. Held by the handlers, the gamecocks are brought together head to head and are allowed to peck and infuriate each other. Then they are placed on the ground at a certain distance from each other and left alone. Both birds now enraged from the previous pecking, their hackles rising, go at it with abandon, flying up and down, delivering multiple blows with their slashers against each other. The match ends when one rooster is either killed or turns tail. The winning gamecock, however, must peck the slain opponent twice to declare the victory official. Should the winner, however, run from the slain foe, the match is called a draw.

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