25 September, 2010

Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920

The 31st Manila International Book Fair held last September 15-19 was heaven for a book lover like me. The fair held at SMX Convention Center showcased even more books, magazines and booths by at least 150 local and foreign exhibitors. I was browsing books on sale at the Bookmark booth when, lo and behold, the postcard book by Jonathan Best! Boy oh boy was I so excited. Now I have the postcard book Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920, and 10 other books.

The book provides the history of postcards in the country during the first two decades of the 19th century. It showcases a visual memory of how charming Manila was until it was made rubble by World War II. The 180 postcards illustrated in the book are among the most beautiful and historically interesting Philippine cards from his collection of around 2000 postcards (lots of old Philippine cards are still in archives and private collections). It presents a selection of different types of cards and a wide range of images from Luzon to Mindanao.

The Old Manila section includes postcards of Fort Santiago, Pasig River, magnificent churches and buildings in Intramuros, Malacanang, fountains, monuments, bridges, parks and hotels, some, if not all, are gone forever. Now, the charm of Old Manila can only be appreciated through postcards and photographs.In the Provincial Views, you will surely enjoy postcards of churches and landmarks from the Ilocos to the Visayas, especially Iloilo and Cebu, and Mindanao.

Portraits of the Filipinos were also made to postcards. The book also has cards showing mestizo in their elegant dresses to market vendors. Wonder how students, school teachers, workers and even prisoners back then looked like? Wonder how out national minorities dressed? Get the book.

Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920
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