10 October, 2010

M1382: Ambuklao Dam Postcard

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The Ambuklao Hyroelectric Plant is located in the mountains of Bokod, Benguet. The dam was the country's first hydroelectric plant and was the highest and biggest in the Far East during the 50's.

On January 29, 1948, President Manuel Roxas submits a Bill to Congress which would authorize the expenditure of the proceeds of a loan for the construction of certain hydro-electric projects. The National Power Corporation, in cooperation with Westinghouse Electric International Company, took a survey of the country's hydroelectric potential and prepared the Philippine Power Program in 1948. It's major undertaking was the Ambuklao Power Project.

The back of the postcard reads:
Ambuklao Dam, source of hydroelectric power. Located in Mt. Province

M1382: Ambuklao Dam Postcard

Construction of the project began in July 1950. The contractor for the dam's civil works was the Guy F. Atkinson Company of San Francisco, while the Harza Engineering Company of Chicago was the engineering consultant. The work involved the construction of a dam, the second highest of its kind, rock-filled, 452 meters along the crest and 129 meters high; the width of the spillway is 124 meters. The reservoir, or man-made lake, runs 11 kilometers upstream from the dam.

The 75,000 kw Ambuklao Hydro-electric Development was completed on December 21, 1956 and was inaugurated by President Ramon Magsaysay at the sub-station at Balintawak, on January 19, 1957. The cost reached a reported P132,000,000.

The facility had to stop operation in 2000 because of uncontrolled and heavy siltation. After winning the bid in 2007, SN Aboitiz Power Hydro Incorporated (SNAP) is considering the possibility of expanding the generation capacity to 105 MW after rehabilitation.

Ambuklao Dam
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