08 January, 2011

M136-85: Burnham Park Postcard

Postcard Size: 4"x6"
Postcard Type: View card with green border
Printed by:
JMC Press, Inc., Quezon City
Purchased at Goodwill Bookstore

The postcard shows Burnham Park Lagoon in Baguio City. The park was named after Daniel Hudson Burnham (1846-1912), the American architect and urban planner who designed the original plan for the city.

Burnham Park has 12 cluster areas:
(1) Burnham Lagoon - the man-made lake where one can rent boats
(2) Children's Playground
(3) Skating Rink
(4) Rose Garden with a bust of Daniel Burnham
(5) Orchidarium
(6) Igorot Garden
(7) Melvin Jones Grandstand
(8) Athletic Bowl
(9) Picnic Grove
(10) Japanese Peace Tower
(11) Pine Trees of the World
(12) Sunshine Park

The back of the postcard reads:
Burnham Park. Cool weather and recreational facilities from boating to golf
makes Baguio City the country's ideal summer capital.

M136-85: Burnham Park Postcard

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