15 February, 2011

M156-85: Manila Bay Postcard

Postcard Size: 4"x6"
Postcard Type: View card with red border
Printed by: JMC Press, Inc., Quezon City

Purchased at Goodwill Bookstore

The postcard shows the Manila Bay and the stretch of 7.6-km Roxas Boulevard at dusk. You can find along the boulevard hotels, a yacht club, restaurants, park, the CCP complex, government buildings, embassies, and museums.

Roxas Boulevard stretches from Ermita towards Pasay City. It was once known as Harrison Boulevard until 1915 when it was renamed Dewey Boulevard, the American Commodore who destroyed the Spanish Navy during the 1898 Battle of Manila Bay. After World War II, it was renamed Roxas Boulevard after the first president of the post-war Republic, Manuel A. Roxas.

M156-85: Manila Bay Postcard

Daluyan: A Historical Dictionary of the Streets of Manila, p. 94, National Historical Institute, 1994

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