21 April, 2011

M1370: Baguio Airport Postcard Update

The plane shown in the postcard is the Fokker F27 Friendship, which was designed and built by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. The airplane has a wingspan of 29 m, which is good for short runways like Loakan.

Loakan Airport


Loakan Airport is known for the cliffs that drop vertically off both ends of the concave runway. Camp John Hay flanks the north, while the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) plateau to the south. Mt. Ugu (6,600 feet), Mt. Kabuyao (6,600 feet) and Mt. Santo Tomas (7,300 feet) loom beside the airport.

Traffic patterns are to the north only since high terrain blocks the airport tower’s view on the south. The airport had installed markers every 50 feet along the runway, with large black lettering on a white background telling pilots how many feet left until the end of the runway.

M1370: Baguio Airport Postcard

Real Hazards and Imagined Terrors
Part 46: There and Back Again

Loakan Airport Wikipedia Entry

17 April, 2011

M1362: Hilton Hotel Postcard Update

The Manila Hilton was formerly the location of the Episcopalian Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John on Isaac Peral (now United Nations Avenue).

Two architects were involved in this project, Carlos Arguelles and Welton Becket. Becket assigned Scollard Maas to do the interior. Almost every item of furniture or furnishings was made of native materials by Filipino workmen in designs done specifically for the hotel.

The hotel's restaurants and cocktail lounges include the Cafe Coquilla, Port Orient, Rotisserie, Barrio Hilton, and the cocktail lounges Sultana, Harana and 1571. The most famous venue at the Manila Hilton was the Top of the Hilton.

M1362: Hilton Hotel Postcard

The Manila Hilton of Memory

14 April, 2011

M1036: Bauang Beach Resort Postcard Update

The unnamed Bauang beach resort seen in the postcard below is the Cresta Ola, which was owned by the Joaquin family. It was famous in the late50s anf early 60's, and is now abandoned.

M1036: Bauang Beach Resort Postcard

Notice the diving platform between the two images. The image on the postcard is on the wrong side. I checked the resort in Google Map and the platform is found on the right side of the pool (as seen in the image below). I wonder what camera or style JMC Press used in manufacturing the postcards.

The now abandoned Cresta Ola Hotel Swimming Pool

11 April, 2011

Philippine Military Academy Postcard Update

The amphitheater at the Philippine Military Academy is said to have been designed by Jerry Tioaquen under the supervision of Col. Crisostomo Ramos, the Command Engineer in 1982. Locano Construction won the bid and built it.

The project was sponsored by PMA Class of '59. Its other function is to control the erosion in the area.

Philippine Military Academy Postcard

06 April, 2011

Ford Hotel Montreal Postcard Upate

The 750-room Ford Hotel Montreal opened in 1930. The hotel is now an office buildingand referred to as 1425 René-Levesque Ouest. It also served as CBC-Radio-Canada Montreal headquarters from 1936 to the early seventies.

The former Ford Hotel was purchased by the CBC in September of 1948. It took two years to convert the hotel into CBC building complete with 26 modern radio studios and three for television, news rooms, recording rooms and large master control. The hotel was renamed the Radio-Canada Building when it opened on May 18, 1951.

The old Ford Hotel Montreal

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CBFT-TV (Radio-Canada), Montreal, Société Radio-Canada

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Ford Hotel Montreal Postcard

01 April, 2011

USNS Barrett (T-AP-196) Postcard Updates

The USNS Barrett postcard received a lot of comments from people who had sailed on it.

(1) from San Francisco to Vietnam in April 1968 for 3 months
(2) from San Francisco to Manila, and back to San Francisco in 1956
(3) from San Francisco to Honolulu in May 1954
(4) from San Francisco to Subic Bay, Philippines in 1962 for 32 days
(5) from the Philippines to the US (Guam to Pearl Harbor and then on to San Francisco) on April 19, 1957
(6) from Guam to San Francisco in in August 1957

Thank you so much to those who shared their experiences.

USNS Barrett (T-AP-196) Postcard