14 April, 2011

M1036: Bauang Beach Resort Postcard Update

The unnamed Bauang beach resort seen in the postcard below is the Cresta Ola, which was owned by the Joaquin family. It was famous in the late50s anf early 60's, and is now abandoned.

M1036: Bauang Beach Resort Postcard

Notice the diving platform between the two images. The image on the postcard is on the wrong side. I checked the resort in Google Map and the platform is found on the right side of the pool (as seen in the image below). I wonder what camera or style JMC Press used in manufacturing the postcards.

The now abandoned Cresta Ola Hotel Swimming Pool

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June Osida Benitez said...

it's so sad to see it was abandoned.the place looks good on the postcard.but at the same time it looks creepy