17 April, 2011

M1362: Hilton Hotel Postcard Update

The Manila Hilton was formerly the location of the Episcopalian Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John on Isaac Peral (now United Nations Avenue).

Two architects were involved in this project, Carlos Arguelles and Welton Becket. Becket assigned Scollard Maas to do the interior. Almost every item of furniture or furnishings was made of native materials by Filipino workmen in designs done specifically for the hotel.

The hotel's restaurants and cocktail lounges include the Cafe Coquilla, Port Orient, Rotisserie, Barrio Hilton, and the cocktail lounges Sultana, Harana and 1571. The most famous venue at the Manila Hilton was the Top of the Hilton.

M1362: Hilton Hotel Postcard

The Manila Hilton of Memory

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