01 April, 2011

USNS Barrett (T-AP-196) Postcard Updates

The USNS Barrett postcard received a lot of comments from people who had sailed on it.

(1) from San Francisco to Vietnam in April 1968 for 3 months
(2) from San Francisco to Manila, and back to San Francisco in 1956
(3) from San Francisco to Honolulu in May 1954
(4) from San Francisco to Subic Bay, Philippines in 1962 for 32 days
(5) from the Philippines to the US (Guam to Pearl Harbor and then on to San Francisco) on April 19, 1957
(6) from Guam to San Francisco in in August 1957

Thank you so much to those who shared their experiences.

USNS Barrett (T-AP-196) Postcard

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