08 September, 2012

Travelers Sending Postcards for 20 Summers

Why can't local newspapers or even our local government promote postcards like this idea. It will definitely help our tourism slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines."


For 20 summers, the readers of The Augusta Chronicle have reported their June-July-August trips through vacation postcards. For 20 summers we have made a game of it, trying to get a postcard from all 50 states, and for the past 19 you have succeeded admirably.

The Chronicle celebrates two decades of summer postcards
The Augusta Chronicle - September 8, 2012

05 September, 2012

Bayanihan Collectors Club Auction

WHAT: Bayanihan Collectors Club (BCC) Auction

WHERE: Max's Restaurant, 2nd Floor, Roces Avenue corner Scout Tuason, Quezon City

WHEN: September 9, 2012, Sunday, from 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Please visit the Bayanihan Collectors Club for the Auction details. Lots of old Philippine postcards included in the auction.

01 September, 2012

World's Largest Postcard

The world's largest postcard measured 42.69 m² (459.511 ft²) and weighed over 300 kg (661.386 lb). 6,367 out of 7,813 photos were selected for the final postcard.

World's Largest Postcard

The German city of Krefeld created it and made it to the Guinness World Records.

World's largest postcard!
The World’s Largest Postcard

07 June, 2012

Mayoyao Rice Terraces Postcard - Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordillera

The postcard shows the Mayoyao Rice Terraces, one of the five clusters inscribed in the UNESCO WOrld Heritage Site under Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras.

The rice terraces are dotted with pyramid-shaped typical Mayoyao houses and stretch from Barangay of Chaya to the bank of the Penangah River downstream.

Mayoyao Rice Terraces Postcard

Other postcard information:
Single View
National Bookstore
SN: 8-09254
Copyright: 2012
Code: 425P8-124-94
Barcode: 4-800224-092548

Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordillera, June 1, 2012

06 June, 2012

Free Public Lecture: Basic of Stamps and Postcards Collecting

The Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club will be conducting another free public lecture on June 17th at the Philippine Postal Corporation building.

The lecture entitled "Basic of Stamps and Postcards Collecting" will be conducted by Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus.

There will also be a Postal Heritage Guided Tour.

05 June, 2012

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park Postcard

Now called the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or the Puerto Princesa Underground River, it was chosen as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Justification for Inscription: "The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park features a spectacular limestone karst landscape with its underground river..."

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park Postcard

Other postcard information: 
Single View
Rendezvous card


04 June, 2012

Most Expensive Postcard

Did you know that the most expensive and considered to be the oldest postcard was bought for $45,370.60 (£31,758.75)?

The Most Expensive (and Oldest) Postcard

The picture postcard was bought at the London Stamp Exchange auction on March 8, 2002 by collector Eugene Gomberg from Latvia. It caricatures the postal service by showing post office "scribes" sitting around an enormous inkwell.

It was sent in 1840 by novelist "Theodore Hook Esq, Fulham" to himself. The card also use a Penny Black stamp.

Both the postcard and stamp were authenticated by the British Philatelic Association.

SOURCE: Oldest postcard sells for £31,750
BBC News, March 8, 2002

03 June, 2012

Lorenzo Ruiz and Companion Martyrs

I found the names of the companion martyrs in the painting postcard below. Also known as the 16 Martyrs of Japan, they are:

Antonio Gonzalez

Domingo Ibáñez de Erquicia
Jacobo Kyushei Gorobioye Tomonaga de Santa María
Francis Shoyemon
Jordan Ansalone
Lazarus of Kyoto
Luke Alonso
Marina of Omura
Magdalene of Nagasaki
Matthew Kohiyoye
Michael de Aozaraza
Michael Kurobioye
Thomas Rokuzayemon
Vincent Shiwozuka
William Courtet

They were all beatified on February 18, 1981 and canonized on October 18, 1987.

Lorenzo Ruiz and Companion Martyrs Painting Postcard

Other postcard information:
Single View
National Bookstore
SN: 8-07331
Copyright: 2008
Code: 300P8-191-69
Barcode: 4-800224-073318



02 June, 2012

Decline in popularity of postcards

Gone were the days when tourists send tons of postcards to relatives and friends. I don't think the decline is only in the UK, though. 

What are your thoughts regarding this issue guys?


London, May 30 (ANI): "Wish you were here" postcard from abroad has witnessed one of the most dramatic declines in the UK.

It has been dumped in favour of mobile phones, laptops and tablets, which allow families and friends to update each other in seconds through calls, texts and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Research by market analysts Mintel found that in 1972, 27 percent of Britain's population sent a postcard home compared with just 3 percent today.

"Younger Britons may never have experienced the joy of receiving a postcard in the age of social media and many others may have forgotten the sensory experience a writing set gives the sender," the Mirror quoted Alexandra Richmond, Mintel lifestyle expert, as saying.

"We're travelling more and we're also more connected than ever before.

"It's easier to tweet a picture, update our Facebook status or send a text, enabling real-time holiday updates rather than waiting a few weeks for a postcard," she added. (ANI)

Postcards on verge of extinction in UK
News Track India - May 30, 2012

01 June, 2012

Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordillera

I have always thought that the Banaue Rice Terraces located in the poblacion and as seen on the 1,000 Philippine Peso bill are part part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but they are not. They are, however, a National Cultural Treasure under Ifugao Rice Terraces.

Banaue Rice Terraces

The Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras (all in Ifugao) that were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 only include the following:
(1) Batad Rice Terraces (in Banaue)
(2) Bangaan Rice Terraces (in Banaue)
(3) Mayoyao Rice Terraces (in Mayoyao)
(4) Hungduan Rice Terraces (in Hungduan)
(5) Nagacadan Rice Terraces (in Kiangan)

Batad Rice Terraces

This means that I now only have 66 UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines postcards, 15 of which are postcards of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordillera.

31 May, 2012

Postcards @ the free lecture at the Central Post Office

I was expecting low attendance at the lecture. To my surprise, there were other postcard enthusiasts in the audience, including those from PostCrossing, as well as travel bloggers, photographers and guys from the Heritage Society.

When I arrived at the Manila Post Office, members of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club were doing an auction of stamps and other collectibles. Other members were also selling stamps and postcards. I was lucky enough to grab 11 postcards for Php250 - a great deal for me since they were old (not century-old) Philippine postcards and San Francisco Bridge postcards. Nice addition to my collection.

The lecture was conducted by the Club's president, Dojie Lutera. He called the lecture "Old Manila," with postcards and photographs to show how beautiful old Manila was. 

I envy his old postcard collection that includes old Intramuros postcards - the gates and buildings inside the walled city - churches, Escolta scenes that keep changing in the course of time. I heard him say that he paid at least USD250 for one of his cards. Expensive, but for a collector like him, I know it was worth it.

I love all the postcards shown in the lecture. I just wished he had the postcards with him.

Parian Gate Postcard

Sta. Lucia Gate Postcard

Military House in Intramuros Postcard

19 May, 2012

Postcard-Related Events

If you are a postcard enthusiast like me, you might be interested in joining us in the following events:

From the Heritage Conservation Society Facebook Group page:
WHAT: FREE public lecture on old postcards and photographs featuring famous Manila landmarks, to be conducted by Mr. Dojie Lutera, President of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club
WHERE: Post Office main building 
WHEN: May 20, 2012 from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

From PostCrossing forum:
WHAT: Summer Meet-Up aka Postcrossing Enthusiast 2nd Gathering
WHERE: Manila Central Post Office
WHEN: May 27, 2012, 2:00 P.M.

From the Bayanihan Collectors Club Facebook Group page:
WHAT: Bayanihan Collectors Club (BCC) Auction - 33th Anniversary Exposition
WHERE: Max's Restaurant, 2nd Floor, Quezon Avenue near McDonalds, Quezon City
WHEN: May 27, 2012, 9:00 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Please visit the Bayanihan Collectors Club for the Auction details. Lots of old Philippine postcards included in the auction.

Will be adding more postcards and postcard information in the next few days. Will also be updating the labels.

18 May, 2012

Postcard 9: Notre Dame de Paris

Paris, Banks of the Seine (1991) , a World Heritage Site
"From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, from the Place de la Concorde to the Grand and Petit Palais, the evolution of Paris and its history can be seen from the River Seine. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Sainte Chapelle are architectural masterpieces while Haussmann's wide squares and boulevards influenced late 19th- and 20th-century town planning the world over."

Notre Dame de Paris Western Facade

At first I'm not really sure if Notre Dame de Paris is on the Heritage Site list since I only saw the name Notre Dame de Reims. But I soon read that it is under Paris, Banks of the Seine! I never thought there are 2 Notre Dame!

I tried also to research on MONA; however, no other relevant information can be found on the net, other than some eBay products suggesting that MONA might be the publisher or editor of the postcard.

At the back of the card:

Notre-Dame et la Seine vue prise du Quai St. Michel
Notre Dame and the Seine view taken from the Quai St. Micheal.
Notre-Dame und die Seine, vom Quai St. Michel aus gesehen.

MONA, 28, av. Victor Emmanuel, Paris (Reprod. Interdite.) N- 1127